December 8, 2009

I like the Tigers' trade!

Alright, let's chill out a bit. Grandy and Jackson are gone, and it seems everyone is freaking out. I get that people love Curtis and all, but I just don't get the hatred for this move. I actually like the trade. People keep bringing up the fact that Granderson and Jackson were All Stars. In the past two years, how far did those All Star appearances get the Tigers? In 2008, they had an awful year, and in 2009, they blew a 7ish game lead and lost on the last possible day. Or people won't stop talking about how Granderson is such a nice guy. I honestly don't care if he wins an Nobel Peace Prize, he still couldn't come through in the clutch (Granderson and to some extent Jackson). I would rather have a team of winners than a team of nice guys and All Stars (The Cubbies usually have some really good players, how do they usually do?). All that matters is winning, and Granderson and Jackson were part of a team that couldn't get it done. Granderson had a terrible habit of swinging at everything within a mile of the plate. Sure, he hit a lot of homers, but that's because he swings for the fences every time. It was ok for a young Granderson to swing that much, but he has shown little improvement over the years. In 2006 he had 174 SO and in 2009 he had 141. Not good enough for a leadoff hitter on a team supposedly competing for the World Series. He also was taken out of the game whenever there was a left handed pitcher (He batted .183 against lefties). He was a total detriment to his team. And Jackson was good, but not great in the second half. His ERA went up, and he lost three out of his last four games. The Tigers needed those games, and Jackson blew it.

Now let's talk about what the Tigers got. First off, anytime a team gets 4 quality players for two players is a win. The tigers have basically filled six positions for very little. Adam Everret and Robinzon Diaz were basically signed for a bag of bats. Max Scherze is locked up for five years, and a solid pitcher, and he also has different colored eyes. Austin Jackson, who will replace Granderson in center, is MLB ready, number 23 on the MLB prospects list, has great defensive skills and great base running skills. Dan Schlereth is the son of ESPN anaylist Mark Schlereth. He is a great pitcher who climbed up through the Diamondbacks system in only a year. He is a hard thrower that was unhittable in the minor leagues. Phil Coke is a hard throwing pitcher that can make an impact in the bullpen immediately.

At first, I hated the trade, but after a second glance, I like it more and more. The Tigers got a lot of good players for players who didn't produce when it mattered. Curtis was a great guy, but there are plenty of great guys to g around. I want a winning team. It might take a while to get back on top, but at least we still have hope. A change needed to be made,  and I am fine with the results. And who says Dombrowski is done making moves? There is more to come, so let's enjoy the ride.

December 2, 2009

Den Jonas Bror de/vi/du/ni är flikarna

Ignore all the stupid name comparisons to that awful "band," Jonas Jerebko is the real deal. He is so good, I am willing to put him on the same Euro-grease level as former Piston Walter Hermann. Who else in the NBA attracts the type of fans in this picture? Maybe Zetterburg should take a few notes on scoring from his Sweedish counterpart. Or at least a naked dunk in a dunk contest...

November 10, 2009

Ducks on the Diamond

The Oregon football team isn't the only sport that gets "dope" uniforms. Check their baseball gear.

Not so much...

The Lakers couldn't pull of another upset of MSU this year, losing 76-53. According to Lanthorn sports editor Matt Kuzawa, the Lakers were "just as big but not nearly talented enough. Outmatched." Oh well, there's always Division II to win.

November 9, 2009

Ducks on the Pond

Speaking of cool Oregon uniforms, check out a helmet option they have.

New OSU Uniforms

Ohio State will be wearing a new uniform against Michigan. Kudos to them for breaking their traditions and switching it up a little. I wish Michigan would do something a little different with thier uniform (besides a yellow line on the away jerseys). Maybe some blue pants or a maize shirt. Who knows, anything to spice it up a bit. I think Michigan is falling behind on this stuff, especially in the days of Oregon wearing a new uniform every game, and Boise playing on blue turf. Or a quality win would be acceptable at this point.

November 6, 2009


We Will Return

Run Outta Town

I'm getting sick of all this bull about Matt Stafford being booed at his own stadium. Give the guy a break, he was clearly the best guy in the draft, had a sick college career then got drafted by an 0-16 team that not can't even hang with a decent high school team. I mean look at him, would you rather have him or that Mark Sanchez? Go look at what he did with his summer vacation, and look what Stafford did. Stafford got drafted in April, and got money all summer. Sanchez went out, took his shirt off, got greased up and posed for GQ. Dopeshow.

November 5, 2009

Introucing the D Up Sports Blog

Welcome to the D Up Sports Blog, a blog about Detroit sports written by four Grand Valley State sophomores. Contributing to this fine collection of opinion is A.J. Zotos, Aaron Brandt, Sean Mcloughlin and Steve Reckling. Stay here for frequent updates about important topics in the Detroit sports world, with the exception of Joe Dumars Fieldhouse updates. Coming this week, a bio on each blogger and a scintillating piece on the state of The Joe Louis Arena. So take a look around, subscribe to the blog to get email updates and bookmark this site so you can check it constantly. Thanks

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